My God, My God

My uncle is struggling with Covid right now and I have thought long and hard about how to comfort my auntie who has been such an instrumental part of my life.

She filled my life with endless hugs, kisses, laughter and love. There has never been an end to her generosity, forgiveness and welcoming heart. The first time I met my uncle, I thought to myself “Wow! I have never seen a man love his wife and display it so purely and openly.” His heart overflows with compliments to her, his love and support of her has been constant. It extends beyond her to her children and to her family. There has not been an end to his love, his generosity, his forgiveness and his welcoming heart.

The two were made for each other. A better match seems unfathomable. Two faithful people exuding God’s love not only to one another but to a broken world.

I prayed while thinking about all of this. What do I say Lord? My God, my God, what can I say to my auntie who is hurting so bad? Then God said this to me:

“Tell her that I am holding her in this very moment. I am close to those who are broken hearted. I will be her rock, her strength her comfort and bring her peace and show her my boundless love. Tell her that everlasting life comes with love in its purest form. A love that is given freely to all yet felt strongest by those who believe. Tell her that her faithfulness and the faithfulness of my son has been seen through the years by my watchful eyes. Tell her I will continue to love, protect and guide her for all the days of her life. Tell her to feel my peace now in this moment, feel my peace.”

Be blessed auntie. I love you. ❤

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