Deep Rise

I moved a short distance from the ocean over the summer and I love to watch the rise and the fall of the waves. I love the sound, the shifting sand beneath my feet and the breeze that surrounds me. I love knowing that the ocean that brings me so much peace and a sense of tranquility is also a strong and mighty force.

People often feel that they are drowning in their circumstances. Many feel that they would love nothing more than to rise out of their circumstances and navigate through calmer waters. We can choose to drown or we can choose to rise, it is all dependent on how we choose to exercise our faith. What will you choose today?

Doubting in your Father;

Reclaiming your burdens;

Operating on your own;

Wishing wells rather than bible believing;

Not seeking his will;

Inconsistent faith;

Negotiating with the Holy Spirit;

Giving attention to everything but Him.


Relinquishing control;

In Him;

Singing his praises;

Involved in his work;

Necessary obedience;

Giving all for His glory;

-Lisa Bracy, 2020

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