Jacob Paints the Sky

In the early hours of this February day, a joyous 27 year old young man who was  hardworking and unbelievably kind stepped into heaven.  Jacob was loved immensely by his family, friends and the sons he adored.

My little cousin Jacob left us way to early and the shock and grief that our family feels is indescribable.  While I am regretful for lost time, and the distance between us, I am thankful for God allowing the time that we did have him and the impact that he made on the people around him.  His radiant smile and heart full of joy will be greatly missed.

We know and understand that we serve a kind and loving God who will provide strength and comfort to us all. He has already provided glimpses of that comfort to us. Today as my daughter and I were out, I looked at the sky in an entirely different way and the beauty of it was captivating.  I told my daughter God needed Jacob to help paint the sky tonight and to help sprinkle the stars when the sun fully sets.  While we may be hurting today, I am thankful for the love and joy he is experiencing in the arms of our Savior tonight.

If your family is at a distance, reach out to them, keep in touch.  If they are near hold them closer. Above all,  be thankful for every breath of life and appreciate the people that you love. We love you Jacob, thank you for helping Jesus paint the sky and sprinkle the stars tonight.