Blogging the Right Way

I have to confess, sometimes this blog sits idle because I get discouraged. That’s normal right ? When you feel like you pour your heart out and want God’s word to spread like wildfire, you want people to want to read your stuff and feel encouraged. I may even have an earlier blog post saying some of the same things. I thought about this a lot last week. I always think of this blog like it has to be perfect, like if I don’t see it touch some hearts then it is a waste of time then I asked myself what does blogging the right way look like? I tossed around all these different ideas then suddenly stopped and said, the right way to blog is to focus on one thing…Him. Not the audience, not how consistently I do it, not whether or not a post gets shared on any social media platform but just focus on Him.

So yes, this blog probably won’t be written daily. It may not draw the masses, it may not get shared and it will be less than perfect but at least you and I can count on this:

The reader will know this blog is written the right way, with a focus on Him and the writer will know she felt lead to do so.

-Be blessed,