Strength Needed-Seeking Jesus

Do you ever have a moment when you know you just need to seek God? One of those times that you are overwhelmed with emotion and all you can think is “my gosh Jesus, I need to see you, I need you right now.”  Judgment should never be passed regarding the circumstances that someone may be seeking the face of God. For some this may come during times of an extreme event, such as a family member facing a grave situation. For a child, this may come in a moment when they feel lonely and rejected. We all seek his face for reasons that may seem small to some but are large for us.  I have felt this way many times in my life but recently I have consistently had moments of needing to seek his face because of an event that as a parent is part of the natural progression of life.  This fall one of my favorite people will begin the next chapter of her life, and that will be present a huge shift in my life and household.

My daughter has made a choice to go to college and pursue her very own dreams.  While I am proud of her decision, believe she will do well and am super excited for her, I have also found myself really concerned.  Concerned about her safety, her health physically, emotionally and mentally, right down to the little things like I hope she is not eating ramen noodles everyday. These concerns are probably pretty typical for a mom but even mom’s need a little bit of help on focusing in the right place.  So, I have been diligently praying about all of this and God has shown me that many times in our circumstances we do not always seek his face until we run amuck seeking our own solutions to calm our worries.  But there is good news for us. When we feel weak (worry is a feeling of weakness) we can rely on God’s strength if we just seek his face.

1 Chronicles 16:11 New International Version (NIV) 

 Look to the Lord and his strength;  seek his face always.

I praise God that I can recharge and rely on the perfect strength or a perfect God. At any time, day or night, I can seek his face. At any time I can look to God to not only take care of my needs but to take care of hers’ as well.

For all of you, looking for strength for any circumstance, seek his face tonight. Pray big prayers and believe whole heartedly that he will give you strength.

-Be blessed,