Temptation of a Teacher-Luke 4

Keep in mind as we go through this journey in the book of Luke, I will be pointing out various verses that we may normally just skim over.

When I was little, my brother used to ALWAYS get the bigger cereal bowl.  Every morning 2 bowls full of cereal would be poured and without fail he claimed that big bowl as his own.  One day in particular I decided that I would be determined to claim that bowl and leave him with the little one.  Funny thing was there was no way my little belly was going to be able to consume that “MASSIVE” amount of cheerios.  Nevertheless I raced to the kitchen, laid my eyes on those two bowls, reached toward the back of the counter to get the pot of gold and quickly pulled my arm back in pain. The iron was sitting on the counter cooling and when I awkwardly reached for that bowl I burned my arm across the iron. While the pain was temporary, the scar lasted for years. It was a reminder on how being tempted day after day by seeing a bigger bowl with more cheerios than I could handle, could lead to pain rather than happiness.

Satan speaks to Jesus in Luke 4:7 showing him kingdoms of the world he says,  “If you worship me, it will all be yours”.  Jesus had to face temptation and had to deny Satan’s advances that provided a false sense of happiness.  Sure if Jesus had, or if we succumb to temptation we may experience temporary bliss but what is the long term scar. Just like that iron burn sometimes there is not even temporary bliss but there was pain and a scar.

But there is another valuable lesson for us.   Christ went to Capernaum and taught the people, Luke 4:32 says “They were amazed at his teaching, because his words had authority.   Jesus freed a man from a demon by speaking the words “Be quiet!” and “Come out of him!”  Satan while still in the business of tempting is no match for the authority of Jesus Christ.  We also have the power and authority to cast Satan away from our lives, we can fight temptations through belief in God’s power and speaking the words.

I encourage you today to take some time to examine your hearts.  What tempts you? What things in your life may provide temporary bliss with a long term scar? Take up your sword of the spirit and speak with authority against those things as you teacher did. 

In Him-


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