Happy Birthday Jesus! Luke 2

So the part of my brain that is easily influenced wanted to write Luke 2:14 as I heard Linus from the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon giving his speech, but suddenly I had to stop myself and remember that my plan was to see new things during this time of reading.  Then I saw this and my heart melted:

Luke 2:40 And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him.

I have put 4 words in bold in the verse above because I want us to think about something.  We grow, we become strong, we are filled with wisdom and we are shown grace.  This happens because of God’s Love for us.  As long as we choose to live a life in Christ we receive the very same goodness from God that Jesus did.

Tonight, I spoke to my very wise grandma about some very deep rooted pain and she said to me “mija (Spanish for daughter) we all pass through valleys, those valleys make us grow and we become stronger in Christ if we believe in his love, believe in his word.” Those words resonated with me so much because to gain wisdom we are required to grow. To become strong we go through what she called “growing pains”. I giggled and said “grandma, I am almost 40” and she said to me “mija the growing pains and valleys don’t end for any of us at any age but we need them.  We need them for growth, we need them to be able to see how God makes everything good, and to see that he loves us enough to get through them.” And it is because of his grace that we will get through those valleys.

Embrace your need to grow today, become strong, become wise and praise him for his grace to allow these things in your life.

In Him,


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