Are you listening?

Ten Whispers

God whispered his words at me today
I prayed silently, struggling with what to say.
But he did the talking, I merely sat still
That’s what I needed, all my soul could will.

It is alright my child, it is I, I am here
Calm your mind, you have nothing to fear.
I will put an end to the overwhelming thoughts
I will fill your mind with the lessons I’ve taught.

First, it is I that you must see and look at
Not the burdens and hurts or any of that.
Second, feel the love radiating from me
For you are the creation I intended you be.

Third, as I wipe tears from your eyes
I will cover and protect you from pain and from lies.
Fourth, feel the strength of my capable hands
It is I that brings courage to each of my lands.

Fifth, watch me laugh in the face of your fears
For I am the King that holds all your tears.
Sixth, be the woman I placed in your heart
For I stand beside you, we’re never apart.

Seventh, let me be your shelter in storms
Embrace the warmth of my love in all of its forms.
Eighth, be elated in all that you do
For with every step it should be me you pursue.

Ninth, do not doubt, not for a moment
That I provided my son for your holy atonement.
Finally, I want you to pray without ceasing
For the blessings I grant you will be forever increasing.

Copyright Lisa Bracy 2018

One thought on “Are you listening?

  1. elizabeth morales

    Now that was beautiful if we really listen to What the Lord Has for us each day we can sure grow in his wisdom and it is love thank you for sharing that was beautiful


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