Wise Men

I am way behind on putting away my Christmas stuff and as I put away my nativity scene I started to think about the wise men . These men sought and were determined to find him. When they did, in Matthew 2:11 we read that the wise men fell down and worshiped him.

This brings me to a question that I believe we should be asking ourselves. How determined are we to seek him in our own lives? We should all seek him with the same determination, that causes us to fall down and worship him. Seeking God is deeper than just coming to him for the first time seeking salvation. Seeking God means that we seek him at all times for all situations. When you are feeling blessed seek him to express thanks and joy. When you are lost, seek him for guidance and direction. When you are broken, seek him for comfort. Seek God with determination! God DIRECTS us to do that, CHOOSE to follow.

Be blessed today !

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