In this Moment…

Throughout the day I had an overwhelming need to pray about people in fear after I received a vision. I saw a single woman walk into an enormous ocean wave she wore a white button up shirt with white flowing pants,she had long blonde hair, and blue eyes. She lifted her hands toward the clear blue sky and had a huge radiant smile on her face as if she could see the face of God. I felt a sense of complete joy and peace, God said to me, “my blood washes over my children like a wave, and through me they are made pure. Through my blood they are cleansed.”

I was then led to look to my left where a dark storm cloud hovered over another wave. The wave towered over an enormous crowd of people, their clothes were stained and tattered, they looked as if they felt scared and alone, they frantically looked around as if searching for something. God’s arm was held out underneath the top portion of the wave, holding it back from swallowing them. He said to me, “those who do not know me are afraid, lead my children to me so that they might be cleansed by my blood.”

This reminded me of a poem written for the book I plan to publish this year. I ask that after you read this poem take the time to pray for those who have not yet experienced the love and security of a life in Christ.

In this Moment
By: Lisa Bracy

There is a man sitting on a throne way up high
A man filled with love, never a sigh.
You worry he gets tired of hearing from you
But cling to him is all he wants you to do.
You say maybe he just won’t understand
But he watched his son die on a cross in the sand.
Perhaps you are carrying a heart of guilt and of shame
But do you know that is healed by the call of his name.
Do not be afraid to let him come in
Rejoice in a life free from your sin.
This is your moment for mercy and love
This man has been waiting for you from above.
Your father who loves you, your father who cares
Is a man with compassion, it’s your pain that he shares.
He gives an everlasting life and the absolute best for you
Embrace him in this moment is all you need to do.

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