Solitary Places

I recently had a conversation with my Auntie about prayer. It was one of those days that I was late to work, I spilled my tea in the car, people were less than happy at work and the evening ended with a rather large tiff with my husband. More than anything, in that moment, I wanted to get under my blankets and slam a fluffy pillow over my face and forget the days events all together. I just wanted a shot at a new day, but in that moment my auntie’s text showed up in God’s perfect time, as it always does. The text was a simple how was your day? Which lead to us getting on the phone for a long phone call where I explained what a bad day it was. In her usual sweet voice she said “I’m sorry, honey, did you pray about it?”
That question was the conversation starter for some other important questions:

1) Where do I pray?
2) Do I get on my knees?
3) Am I free from distractions?

Can you believe this pray without ceasing kind of girl had not given much thought to these things? Thinking about these simple questions enhanced my prayer life. Mark 1:35 demonstrates to us how Jesus prayed.
We learn that he prayed before sunrise, he GOT UP, LEFT the house and WENT OFF to a solitary place. Not only did Jesus start his day with prayer but he removed himself from distractions. He understood the importance of a solitary place to talk to his father. God needs us to do the same. We need to GET UP and GO to our solitary place where we can sing his praises, where we can give thanks and where we can lay our burdens at his feet. I encourage you to find that solitary place to pray to your father, get on your knees and pour your heart out to him! He will meet you there. Add this to your prayer life, at the very least rise and go to bed spending time in this solitary place.

Mark 1:35

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