In Need…

We have all had moments when we were in need. Throughout life we have a variety of needs. At times, our needs are may be Financial, emotional or mental. The “needs” list is endless but we have an amazing God on our side .  Read the verse below:

Philippians 4:19New International Version (NIV)
19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.
This short verse sheds enormous light on who God is.  We serve a God who will meet not just some but ALL of our needs. He is the ultimate PROVIDER ! God meets our needs according to his riches not what we see here on earth. Do you know what that means ? That means his ability to provide has no limit. Any need, no matter the size, can be covered by God! The Lord is not limited by the things of this world. Need healing ? He is our greatest physician, after all he knows our body in and out. Financial need? He can change our world in a split second and the necessary money can be there. Feeling lonely? He has that covered too, he says we are never alone. 

There is not a man on earth who can provide for you like God can. All to often we forget that God has us covered. We start trying to meet our needs in our own strength. At times, people say but he didn’t do X,Y or Z. God knows what our needs are and he provides according to his will, for his purpose, and in his own time. If you are in need today, rely on the one who has no limitations, he will provide. 

*Comments Challenge* tell me your need today and I will be in prayer for you. 

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