Patiently Loving…

It seems like looking around us we can see more and more examples of impatience and hate. God calls us to be gentle, patient and love one another.

Think about this for a second, when we are out in the world, at school, work etc. We try to be polite and patient with strangers. Perhaps, we act this way because we feel like it is the right thing to do. For others it may because the reactions of strangers are completely unknown. But the question is do we behave in the same manner with the people in our home or families? Many times when we are in our “comfort zone” we have have less patience, don’t act gently and may even express love less.  Part of being a child of the most high means that you are supposed to express the attributes in the verse below as often as possible. I encourage you to pray about the verse below and ask God to reveal to you if you need to work on these areas of your life . We need to do what is pleasing to the Lord not following the trend in society. Love one another today, be patient and be gentle just as you would want others to do for you.

Ephesians 4:2New International Version (NIV)2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

*Comments Challenge: Tell me how you expressed love, gentleness and patience with someone in your life today.

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